Wax Services

Upon final design approval, we create a physical 3D wax model of your design representing your final ring. We can send you a photo of the wax for review if requested.
Our rapid prototyping department utilizes latest generation prototyping and milling equipment manufactured byEnvisiontec, Solidscape and Roland. This reduces jeweler’s costs and time-to-market by translating CAD designs from jewelry design software into 3D casting patterns. Stereo-lithography is the most accurate of all prototyping technologies for a jewelry model.

Our machines produce jewelry models of the most intricate and complex designs with the assurance of results that are geometrically perfect. Undercuts, overhangs and cavities present no difficulty because of the technology that we use. We create realistic prototypes from your CAD files. Using the finest resins and highest possible resolution, AAA Diamond delivers excellent prototypes at a fraction of the cost.

For specific jobs we use our state of the art milling equipment with which we can produce wax models and metal molds.

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