In House Casting Service

In House Casting Service

A and M diamond casts 27 different metals
on a next-day basis

Casting is generally done on a next-day
basis. Any wax received before 6:00 PM
is cast the next morning to be available
by 12:00 Noon.

A and M Diamond and Jewelry repeatedly produces high quality castings through the

application of rigorous process controls and learning through our experience. 

Each of the steps necessary to produce a quality casting are understood,

 documented and controlled. Every failure is evaluated with respect to its causes 

and with respect to how we can improve our processes.

A and M Diamond and Jewelry operates in an extremely competitive market and 

accordingly our prices reflect a small markup over the metal. While the nature of 

our market prohibits our publishing a complete schedule of prices, we are happy 

to discuss our price structure with you.

Same-Day Casting
In today’s environment of special orders and demanding customers, sometimes,

 tomorrow is not soon enough. For these occasions, Artistry provides Same-Day


Local Customers – 5 Hours In by 10:00 AM – Out by 3:00 PM Generally we can do

 slightly better, depending on our shop load. The entire process takes about 3:15 

and we try to accommodate our customers needs. However, we can never accept

 wax for same-day casting after 12 Noon.

Out of Town Customers – 41 Hours (Door to Door) If we get a wax for Same-Day 

casting before 11:00 via overnight service, we will ship it for next day service that 

evening. For example, if you send it Wednesday evening, you will get it back 

Friday morning.

Call In Advance Same-Day casting is very disruptive to our regular work and

 there are days when we simply cannot accommodate the disruption. If we know

 a wax is coming, there is a much better chance that we can fit it in.

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